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Karen Vande Vyvere

Karen Vande Vyvere pens songs that capture basic human experiences - the loss of love, the passage of time, the growth born of life experiences. She believes that music is a universal language that crosses all barriers - language, culture, age - basic human emotion and experience can be communicated and common life experiences shared. As a singer, she vocalizes the raw feelings that she perceives.

Born into the home of two parents who valued learning, travel, creativity and curiosity, she grew up observing people, and trying to find the common ties that connect us all. She uses words, vocals (and her paintbrush) in attempts to capture the life essence. Her maternal family is tied to the M├ętis community, and she grew up enveloped with fiddle and guitar music - cozy late night kitchen and campfire sing songs and joyous dances with a large extended family. Her passion is for this old country music, but she loves all forms of music. Her own personal style crosses from country to folk.

Karen lives in Edmonton, Alberta. She has performed in small venues throughout Alberta and is finally gaining the courage to perform her own material in public! When not working, writing, playing guitar or singing, she paints and walks, or goes fishing or camping. She treasures time with her family and the beautiful outdoors.

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